Level 1 Off-Road Training for Trailies

We're expanding the adventure section further with new space and more obstacles so it's a great time to join our group training of trailie riders to work on skills and confidence! If you have already done level 1 you should check out the next Level 2 training.

Please select the correct date in the calendar, the Level 1 training is currently only scheduled for Nov 24. We require payment up front for our training session since it requires preparation and setup on our end. Day entry pass to Ulu Choh Dirt Park is included. Send us a message or give us a call if you can't join on Nov 24 but would like to do a training before end of 2019.

Training program:

  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction/ Days itinerary
  3. Bike set up and features
  4. Riding position (why)
  5. Picking up bike/different techniques
  6. Bike Balancing
  7. Bike recovery
  8. Correct riding Techniques
  9. Correct body riding position(standing vs sitting)
  10. Parallel logs
  11. Uphill & downhill technique
  12. Braking exercise