Imagine finding yourself at the twilight zone of modern civilisation and pristine rain forest with total wilderness less than an hour from Singapore and with the whole spectrum of off-road tracks, from flat track, MX and trails for all levels. Welcome to the Ulu Choh Experience!

As if you needed any more reason to roll out your knobbies, we're telling you that this is the dirtpark we've all been waiting for. Designed and managed by bikers for bikers, UCDP is a sprawling playground with terrain for all levels - from the dirtnoob to the downright insane expert rider. Only a short jaunt across the causeway, here you'll find a motocross track, enduro course, enduroX track, extreme enduro sections and numbingly delicious road-side chendol near the entrance. We won't be surprised if anyone spies the occasional troll or goblin either. Naturally, it takes more than a touch of the mystical to keep a real-life fairytale going. We're going to need help running this community - from photography, and logistics to trail marking, race scoring and more. if you would like to pitch in, give us a holler at

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